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Apex Alternative Solutions

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“Delivering custom tailored solutions to complex interpersonal challenges”
Our Mission

Apex Alternative Solutions (AAS)

To deliver custom tailored solutions to complex interpersonal challenges using our team of highly skilled subject matter experts.

We provide Coaching, Consulting, Curriculum Development and Training Services that foster synergistic relationships, support cultural transformation and aid in the actualization of both individual and organizational potential.

Our highly customizable training curricula and systems are designed to efficiently and effectively equip key social influencers and stakeholders with the enhanced interpersonal skills they need to become “cultural transformation coaches.” These well trained AAS coaches then become prized “social connectors” capable of bridging the gaps dividing various communities and organizations.

Our Vision

Apex Alternative Solutions always begins with the end in mind. We provide our clients with a continuum of support services and training to ensure the quality and consistency of all AAS qualified coaches. We do this by providing select AAS coaches with the advanced training and resources they need to become Master AAS Trainers.

These Master Cultural Transformation Coaches are then capable of implementing and maintaining the AAS model throughout a specific community or geographic region as designated by Apex Alternative Solutions, LLC. Eventually, every community across the country will have their own AAS Master Coach working to inspire, uplift and connect their community members.

About us

We believe those who are closest to the problem, are generally closest to the solution, and therefore those persons are the ones we need to equip and empower in order to achieve the greatest positive impact and outcomes.


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